About Zimmer Suites


Zimmer Suites has been operating in the Aguascalientes market since 2010. Our Gests visit us from México, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, among others.


To be an executive hosting service - with a philosophy of social responsibility - which seeks to become the extension of home where guests can have a comfortable long stay, that offers a place they can live and coexist in a safe, quiet and cozy space at competitive prices.


To be the leader company in executive hosting in the State of Aguascalientes, fulfilling with the highest quality standards on the customized service to the client.


  • Cordiality: We create an atmosphere of cordiality; we are interested in the common good.
  • Service: Help, resolve and go one step further is our culture.
  • Harmony: We seek to connect with our customers in an atmosphere of balance, generating in each space a home environment.
  • Comfort: We are interested in your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Confidence: Transmitting to our clients absolute credibility through our vocation of service, exceeding their expectations.

Quality Policy

We are committed to a permanent pursuit of the satisfaction of our clients and society, through a process of continuous improvement where each member of the team can achieve their integral development.